About us  


UAB MDI Transport is engaged in the international freight by land transport. The land transport means meet the highest requirements and services are always rendered in a professional, expeditious, and responsible manner.

Carriage of goods is performed under the terms and conditions of the Convention of the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

The activities of MDI transport are covered with the freight forwarder’s liability insurance.

Today we render export and import transportation services in all Western Europe and our services characterize for:

  • High quality of services
  • Long-term experience
  • Skilled team
  • Security of cargo safety and supervision
  • Responsible attitude towards business


UAB MDI Transport started up its logistics activities from export of the goods from the Baltic States to Western Europe. This strategic trend is one of the most important and strong ones in our activities. We can always offer an optimal version to our partners.

Through increased scope of activities as well as new reliable and responsible partners we have developed continuous transport traffic from Western Europe to the Baltic States and Russia.


Carriage of goods requires expedition, accuracy, and flexible response to ever-changing situations. Having selected individual logistics solutions for each customer, we can give favorable offers for international carriage of goods by land transport.

Company’s turnover growth

To create and develop quality logistics service, to analyze and meet all your expectations, as well as create long-term collaboration relationship based on mutual trust. We aspire to become a growing and advancing company, maintain steady business, as well as provide professional and quality services.

Modern logistics company, which has made its way to the list of biggest Lithuanian / European logistics companies, open for new ideas, continually improving and developing the logistics service portfolio, being expeditiously and dynamically responsive to the customer/s / society’s needs.

The adoption, assimilation, absorption, and analysis of the customer’s business trends and needs is the first step towards the creation and maintenance of relationship based on mutual trust.

Company’s values

  • Positive attitude!
  • Striving to be the best!
  • Initiative-taking!
  • Quality!
  • Punctuality!
  • Loyalty!
  • Solidarity!
  • Responsibility!
  • Flexibility!
  • Safety!

Main tasks of MDI Transport activities

Safety – we perform our activities in accordance with the highest safety requirements and service standards;

Information – we provide necessary information in an expeditious and responsible manner;

Time – the goods are carried and delivered within the agreed time limits;

Costs – confidence of partners, experience, as well as development enables us optimizing your logistics costs;